As the leading Health Education Institution in the Western Region of North Sumatra, which has an actual product of graduates in winning national and international competition in 2019

The actual product owned by STIKes Nauli Husada Sibolga is excelled in one field in every STIKes Nauli Husada Sibolga study program, the actual Nursing S1 Prodi which is contained in the vision of actual student in caring healthy caring education and transcultural based environmental maintenance. actual products change the behavior of society in order to change environment and health nutrition, Prodi D3 Nursing have actual product in family nursing care, And Prodi D3 Kebidanan have actual product in handling malaria in pregnant mother.




1. Conducting Nursing, Midwife, and Community Health education based on competence through creative, innovative, effective, motivational learning method.

2. Develop research in the field of health through the provision of various resources that support the motivation of health workers in conducting research.

3. Implement social activities for the community in accelerating community self-reliance program for healthy living through orientation of the target villages.

4. Establish a partnership of clinical partnerships to improve the domain of student practice through cooperative relationships with various hospitals in the country and abroad.

5. Develop human health educator and health information management system through provision of WEB system.

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